At SVM, quality permeates the cultural ethos and working philosophy. From inception till delivery, we believe that quality alone distinguishes us from our competitors. All our manufacturing facilities are quality compliant. We place great emphasis on all aspects of quality including fundamentals like housekeeping, systematic sorting, segregation and standardization. All quality issues are analyzed through systematic problem solving tools like Pareto analysis so that corrective action is comprehensive and sustainable. Our Quality Control (QC) mechanism ensures that you always get the best in terms of aesthetics, finishing and the overall quality of product.

The processes right from raw material procurement to the end product are filtered through qualitative procedures to ensure that we remain quality driven. We habitually obtain long staple fibers from time-honored vendors which facilitate us in producing high quality yarns. Our fabrics meet AQL standards perfectly and thus we craft a range of customized, superior textiles treasured by our clients.

If constant improvement is a way of life at SVM, then quality is the catalyst to ensure this improvement.

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