Embroidery is the most unique feature which can immensely increase the value of a fabric. PRIHA emphasizes on increasing the look of the attire by incorporating varied embroidery styles and patters. Clients, who are on the lookout for a brand that specializes in logo designing, come to us at PRIHA. We make use of all possible colors to make the Logo look vibrant and realistic. Usage of single colors as well as multicolor is done at our production unit where premium quality threads are used. A lot of emphasis is given to the Pantone system where the exact matching threads are used in enhancing the beauty of the final product.

We are experienced in the use of latest technology with the help of computers and electronic machines, especially in making computerized button holes. PRIHA is a brand name that gives the exact product desired by the client or customer. Any unique specifications given by customers with respect to size, shape, color and other dimensions will be taken utmost care to provide the best possible results. Embroidery patterns used by PRIHA cannot be numbered. PRIHA has a great number of professional embroiderers who work with dedication to embellish your desired designs. We offer to do embroidery on finished goods as well as fabrics that can later be designed to various costumes and attire. Efficiency and quality of our embroidery work stand out in comparison to any other brand.

Stir up your fashion sense with an eye catching embroidery work at PRIHA

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