A latest report has shown that the use of Green Technology in all products have increased significantly in the past five years. It is widely known that the textile industry is one of the premier industries which have a great market and sizeable exports and imports. Modernization has been the area of improvement in SVM group with due attention given to all eco-friendly technology aspects. We have a team of dedicated professionals who thrive hard to hold high our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality in the form of environment friendly green products.

With our concern and awareness on the environmental impact of textile industries in the present day world, SVM group has taken great interest in the field of undertaking eco- friendly production techniques. Our staff is aware of the complexity of the environmental impact caused by wastes and residues of textile goods. Being a well-known manufacturer and exporter of textile goods, we take all possible measures to implement latest technology to minimize pollution and go green.

Textile recycling is actively employed at our units to ensure that textile wastes are made use of to reproduce fibers and used again in the manufacturing process. Due to this, textile processing at SVM is cost effective which in turn gives a lot of satisfaction to our customers. Our products of PRIHA such as bags, bedspreads, fashion accessories and materials do not contain harmful material which cannot be recycled. We do not use plastic as a raw material for our bags. Our products are based on the use of cotton fabric which is ideal for the safety of the environment. We excel in creating magic with eco friendly raw materials.

SVM group is one of the pioneers in the use of eco-friendly raw materials to manufacture products for the customers. Our clients have expressed a lot of interest on products manufactured with organic fibers. We believe in making our earth a cleaner and greener place to live in.

Join hands with us and go green !!

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