With a lot of study done on the health production methods used in textile industries, it is the goal of PRIHA to undertake the best bleaching, raising and dyeing processes. At PRIHA, associates are welcomed to bring their designs and get it developed with the help of our experts. Fabrics such as cotton, poly cotton, lycra polyester, nylon and a blend of these fabrics are used for carrying out the process of bleaching, raising and dyeing. We are specialist in dyeing and manufacturing best fabrics. PRIHA manufactures products that are one of the best in quality and meets all international standards in the textile industry. Ultra modern technology and highly mechanized devices are used to bleach, raise and dye our products. PRIHA makes sure that use of environment impacting inputs like AZO dyes are actively discouraged in the manufacturing process since they pose a lot of concern on the environment.

We undertake Mercerization to add extra luster to our finished products which in turn makes the fabric lustrous and beautiful. Calendaring is done by our employees on fabrics that have undergone bleaching in order to give that special attractive shine to the fabric. A Velvety feel is brought out on the fabric by raising the specific fabric with the help of quality chemicals and materials, commonly ascribed to as "Flannel Fabric". PRIHA just requires a Swatch or shade of PANTONE to provide the best shades by doing the dyeing process. PRIHA is well known and appreciated for manufacturing fabric materials that have great color fastness for all possible shades of colors.

Choose PRIHA and get the latest in home decor and fabric accessories.

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