Every human being, irrespective of age, requires a bag for many activities and situations. PRIHA proudly brings to you a wide range of extraordinary fabric bags with looks that are sure to attract hundreds of people.
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Having extraordinary specialization in the field of textile and apparel business, PRIHA fabricates some of the highest quality aprons for a variety of work cultures like industries, kitchens, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and so on.
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There is no doubt that PRIHA is one of the most innovative manufacturer and exporter of high quality bedspreads with an eye for detail. Beddings or Bed linen typically include Bed covers, Mattress covers, Bed ensembles & Sheet sets.
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Welcome to the world of cotton woven fabrics and products to suit your myriad preferences. Welcome to SVM group.We hail from Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India. Starting from a modest beginning in 1982 by manufacturing Cotton Fabrics through Powerloom and Autoloom technology, we have today diversified to the manufacture of products for the international market. Today our product range varies from fabric bags to aprons, bedspreads to scarves, primarily under our brand name of PRIHA, catering to the home furnishing segment, garment and made-up sector.Come and be part of our growth story and explore the world of branded textile products, suited to your discerning taste!!!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We at SVM have taken a step further to promote “SAY NO TO PLASTICS & Save our Mother EARTH”. Our penchant for eco-friendly & green technology is the essence of our operations. The process of recycling plastic bags is too high leading to Harsh Economics. Of what we throw out as wastes, a lot end up in contaminating Soil & Waterways also affecting Wild life. We excel in creating magic with eco friendly raw materials like fabric bags which can be REDUCED, REUSED & RECYCLED.We believe in making our earth a cleaner and greener place to live in. Join hands with us and make a difference!!!

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